Beware of Bed Bugs at Summer Camp!

If you know someone who’s had a bed bug infestation and you mention the tiny creatures, you’ll often see them grow silent. It’s like being in a Harry Potter movie and mentioning “He who must not be named.”

The entire tone of the conversation changes. This is because bed bugs are one of the worst, most difficult to address infestations you can get. This time of year, bed bugs at summer camp is the best reason to catch up on prevention.

Bed Bugs and Camp

Bed bugs at summer camp are a problem because bed bugs will hitch rides home in suitcases, duffle bags, backpacks, in clothes, and even in books you bring to camp. They’re tiny and can breed an infestation once they reach your home without you even noticing.

Chances are, the first time you’ll suspect there are bedbugs will be weeks later, when you’re wondering how you got a series of bites in your sleep. Bed bugs come out at night and bite in rows as they travel, feeding on your blood. They’re extremely difficult to find because they’re exceptionally small, hide out of sight, and avoid the light.

Many Camps Use the Same Location

Bed bugs and camp are a problem because many groups of people will use the same camp location time after time. From cabins to colleges, they may see numerous groups use their facilities each summer. Bed bugs can survive the laundry and thorough cleaning processes. So it may not be all the camp’s fault if there’s an infestation. A single camper who brings in a bed bug infestation may lead to several rooms being infested and several children taking those infestations home with them.

Don’t Waste Time

If you suspect bed bugs at camp, address it immediately. Have the camp get in touch with a pest control specialist that addresses bed bug infestations – not all companies do. If an infestation has been taken home, call a pest control specialist like Ransford. Bed bugs can be eliminated, but they require a few treatments and the process must be thorough.

Bed bugs and summer camp are old friends, so it doesn’t hurt to check the corners of the mattresses when you drop your child off, and to inspect clothing on return. These aren’t guaranteed ways of spotting bed bugs, but they can increase your chances of spotting bed bugs. You can then deal with it before it becomes an infestation and huge problem for you and your family.

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