When to Leave Wasp Nest Removal to the Professionals

A friend recently recounted a story about stepping in a wasp nest. While some wasps will build their nests higher, many will focus lower. He was younger and stepped off a log without looking. His foot crashed straight into a wasp nest. They chased him a few dozen yards, stinging him the whole way. The best way to get rid of a wasp nest is clearly not by stepping in it. For this, you want a wasp removal company. But what exactly makes wasps so tenacious?

Wasps and Aggression

Wasps are naturally more aggressive and territorial than most bees. Even when out scouting for food, they’ll react aggressively. They sting first and ask questions later. They can get away with this because they can sting you multiple times and, unlike bees, this won’t kill them.

Wasp Nests Move

Wasps will also hibernate in the winter and move their nest every year. This means you’re more likely to come across a wasp nest in an area you thought was safe. Bees tend to stay in one area and rely on that hive for a long time. You know where bees might be year after year; but you can’t be so sure where wasps will make their nest in different months.

Wasp Control

Wasp control has to start with an observant eye. Getting rid of a wasp nest is much easier when it’s first being built. The wasps will more easily move on to another location, and there will be fewer of them able to inhabit the nest. You don’t have to spy for wasps all the time. Just keep an eye out and check once a month. If you find dead wasps trapped between your window screen and pane, chances are their nest is somewhere in the area.

Best Way to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest

Getting rid of a wasp nest that’s established should be left to a wasp removal company. Wasp control is a specialty. Do it wrong and you can endanger yourself and those around you – particularly the elderly, the very young, and pets. The best way to get rid of a wasp nest is with the help of someone who’s done it before. It’s a very reasonable cost to keep you comfortable and safe.

Contact Ransford Environmental Solutions today to help you remove wasp nests from your property.

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