Are Bed Bugs in Massachusetts a Problem?

Bed bugs in Massachusetts can be a big problem that you can’t ignore. These tiny bugs creep out at night and feed on unsuspecting victims. They’re so small that they’re hard to observe, and they only really come out when the lights are off. In fact, chances are that, if you see them, you already have an out-of-control infestation. You must seek bed bug control as quickly as possible.

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

Bed bugs will often feed on the move. This means you may find irritating bed bug bites occurring in a straight line on your skin. You may see small blood stains on your sheets. If you find small dark spots on your sheet or mattress, that’s their fecal matter. They may give off a faint musty smell.

Where do they hide?

You can often find bed bugs hiding in mattress seams or other areas close to the bed. They aren’t particularly fast bugs because they hide until the lights are off.  Still, to feed, they need to hide in a sleeping area, somewhere close to a source of food. That’s you. They can feed on pets, but when humans are available, they’ll tend to feed on you first.

What if I live in an apartment?

If you have a bed bug infestation in your apartment, under Massachusetts law, landlords are the ones responsible for bed bug eradication. Make sure that they know about the situation and that they have it addressed quickly. They should want to do so; an infestation in even one apartment will quickly spread to others and become much more expensive for them to address in the long-term.

How do they infest a home?

Bed bugs won’t typically be brought back on a human host. They don’t hitch rides on us like fleas or ticks. Overnight, they will crawl into luggage and clothes and happily hitch a ride home from other places you’ve stayed.

What about hotels?

Because of this, a good rule of thumb is to check a hotel for bed bugs before you stay. Checking online reviews is useful. You can also check visually before you bring luggage in. Lift the sheets of the beds at the corners and check the mattress seams for any sign of infestation. This isn’t a sure-fire check, but if there’s any large infestation, you might find it this way. Most hotels will be fine and take care of the potential issue through bed bug control, but it doesn’t hurt to perform a cursory check first-thing.

Bed bugs in Massachusetts are a problem. Infestations grow quickly, and bed bug eradication requires multiple treatments for success. They can hide almost anywhere without detection. Infestations can get so bad that victims are known to develop serious anxiety, sleep deprivation, and even psychological trauma. That may sound outlandish, but bed bugs are arguably the worst infestation you can get. This needs to be addressed immediately before the problem grows too big.

If you have think you have a bed bug issue, contact Ransford Environmental Solutions today.

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