Pavement Ant Control For Your Home

Keeping ants out of homes can be difficult in warm weather. Old home or new home, it makes no difference to ants that only need a tiny crack or gap to enter your house and see what’s there to eat. Ant prevention can require adopting new habits. Pavement ant control and removal may require the aid of a professional ant pest control company if they colonize the home itself.

How Do Pavement Ants Get Inside?

Pavement ants are those ants you’ll often see making their colonies in cracks of the sidewalk or in driveways. This gives them a mix of solid protection and easy access to your home. They’ll scout a variety of environments to see where food is available. They may come in through extremely small cracks in your foundation, or gaps between walls and floor. They’ll stay and colonize when they find plentiful food sources.

What Do Pavement Ants Eat?

Pavement ants are foragers. These are the kind of ants more than willing to get into your cupboards and crawl over your counters. Like most ants, they enjoy sugary foods. Pavement ants also have a taste for greasy or buttery foods.

Are They Dangerous?

Pavement ants can both bite and sting. However, they rarely do so to humans, and neither is particularly painful. Pavement ants are a problem more because they infest, cause a nuisance, and ruin food.

Keeping Ants Out

The best way of keeping ants out is to clean your kitchen and any areas where you eat. This doesn’t mean just cleaning it once. Ant prevention is about developing new habits. Pavement ants are only attracted to areas that offer food and water. If you don’t clean up spills and crumbs regularly, they’ll find your home offers a haven with a free buffet. Using garbage cans with tight lids and taking the trash out often can help.

Ant Removal

When ant prevention fails, you need the ants to be removed. Every home or place of business offers unique challenges to ant removal. This means an ant pest control company will need to develop a plan for thoroughly addressing the ant control problem that suits your situation.

This includes future ant prevention, which may involve closing gaps where they were able to enter or helping you develop new habits for cleaning. Call Ransford Environmental Solutions today for more information on our pavement ant control program.

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