Which Carpenter Bee Treatment is the Most Effective?

What are carpenter bees? How badly will they damage your home, and are they dangerous? What’s attracting them, and is there an effective carpenter bee treatment? When you see carpenter bees, you don’t have to panic. Dealing with them is fairly straightforward.

Carpenter Bee Appearance

Carpenter bees look like bumble bees, except they’re blacker in color. Because people aren’t as used to seeing these bees, they may be more frightened. Yet male carpenter bees can’t sting and encounters with female ones are rare. If you see a darker bee with a shiny or metallic black coloring, there’s a good chance it’s a carpenter bee. They can appear somewhat iridescent in color, looking dark greenish or bluish-purple depending on how the sun strikes them.

What do Carpenter Bees Eat?

Carpenter bees aren’t like termites. They’re destructive to wood, but they don’t consume it endlessly. They burrow enough to create a gallery for a nest. They prefer to attack unfinished wood or wood that’s weathered and worn. This is construction for them, not lunch. They eat nectar and pollen from flowers.

Carpenter Bee Control

You don’t have to do anything as extensive as ripping out your flowering plants. Carpenter bees pollinate your flowers, so they’re actually good for your garden. You just don’t want them ruining the wood of your home or furniture. Carpenter bee control is easiest to achieve by caulking up their holes as soon as you see them.

Carpenter Bee Removal

Carpenter bee treatment can be easy or difficult depending on how deeply they’ve burrowed into wood. There are treatments you can use to spray their burrows, but we’d recommend having a professional pest exterminator come by regardless. It can be easy to get the male carpenter bee, but difficult to eliminate the female and their larvae. They can burrow between six inches and four feet deep into wood and create their galleries at right angles that are hard to access. This makes it difficult for some people to get rid of carpenter bees effectively. Furthermore, professionals can check for damage and other nests and burrows while there.

Carpenter bee removal is important because they will continue to use and expand their galleries. If left alone, they can create a number of nests in a small area, damaging wood in eaves, siding, decks, and other areas with outdoor exposure. Get rid of carpenter bees as soon as you can.

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