How to Control Mosquitoes This Summer with These Tips

Hoping to avoid those itchy mosquito bites this summer? You’re not alone. Learning how to control mosquitoes is one goal almost everyone has during this time of year, and it’s not as difficult as you think. These tips can help.

Mosquito Prevention

  • For You:
    • Lighten Up a Bit: Summer is the time to dump those dark colors, and there’s a good reason for that. Scientifically speaking, those who wear lighter colors are less likely to be bitten by a mosquito. Keep in mind that light colors don’t necessarily mean bright colors, as those can attract other stinging insects.
    • Use Repellent: If you’re going to be out and about, even just in your yard, consider finding an insect repellent you like. One that contains at least a 10% concentration of DEET is usually your best bet, but you can also use one that contains picardin. A repellent will usually last about six hours, so you likely won’t need to reapply it.
    • Dump the Fragrance: Floral scents are often attractive to mosquitoes, so you may want to avoid the rose perfume before you head outside this summer.
  • For Your Yard
    • Eliminate Standing Water: Whether it’s a watering can or a kiddie pool that hasn’t been chemically treated, standing water is a huge sign to mosquitoes that they should live and breed in your backyard. Eliminate any yard ornament or other landscaping feature that holds water. If you have a bird bath, clean it out daily and replace it with fresh water.
    • Consider an Outdoor Fan: Mosquitoes can’t fly at speeds above 20 mph, so adding a fan to your outdoor living space could be a great way to keep these pesky creatures at bay throughout the summer.
    • Encourage Your Neighbors to Help: A mosquito can fly up to two miles from its breeding site, so if you get your entire neighborhood on board with your own mosquito prevention program, you’re more likely to stay mosquito-free all summer.

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