Use the Best Termite Treatment Now to Prevent Damage Later

A queen termite can lay more than 2,000 eggs a day. If you get one in your house, termite protection can quickly spin out of control. You need termite control, which means finding the best termite treatment. First, if you suspect termites, how do you confirm if you have an infestation?

Termites in Massachusetts

Termites in Massachusetts can destroy a home in fast, causing irreparable damage as they feed on the wood your home is made from. It’s extremely important to get a pest control specialist in to perform a termite or Wood Destroying Insect inspection. If you find wood damage, there’s a chance you’re facing a different pest – carpenter bees, carpenter ants, or powder post beetles.

If termites are found, you need immediate termite protection. The longer you delay, the more they can damage your home. You need a solution that will begin to work immediately.

The Best Termite Treatment

Sentricon Always Active is one of the best termite treatments. It’s the one we rely upon.

Termite control can’t be achieved through spot treatments. Spot treatments only kill a few termites where you find them and can spray. This does nothing to address the larger problem of a termite colony chewing away at your home. In fact, it can even spread the termites into additional areas of your home.

Instead, a much more precise tool must be used to achieve the best termite treatment – Sentricon Always Active. Termites will carry the active ingredient in Sentricon back to the nest. They will spread it to others, including the queen. What Sentricon Always Active does is take away a termite’s ability to eat or breed. Sentricon stations need to be set up in a way that’s particular to each home to have the best effect.

When the active ingredient in Sentricon is spread throughout a colony, the termite population quickly withers and dies. By targeting the queen, this form of termite control eliminates a colony’s ability to recover or continue. Contact Ransford today for a termite inspection and more information on the best termite treatment for your home.

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