Tick and Mosquito Illnesses On The Rise

A recent article on Telegram.com talks about how illnesses from ticks and mosquitoes are on the rise across the United States and also have a very strong hold on the Northeast.

While May through November is usually considered tick season, but due to the warm February, tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease are already being seen in area hospitals.

Controlling vector-borne illnesses from ticks and mosquitoes is very important. Dr. George Abraham, of the Worcester hospital, and chair-elect of the Infectious Disease Subspecialty Board for the American Board of Internal Medicine says “It’s really the breeding of the vector that’s the concern.”

Here is an excerpt from the Telegram.com article:

In the face of a recent federal report that indicates illnesses from tick and mosquito bites are on the rise in the U.S. and a strong presence in Central Massachusetts, Mike Lord of Worcester was asked what he does to thwart them.

A regular hiker at the Mass. Central Rail Trail of West Boylston and Holden, where he was spotted on an 80-degree day last week, Mr. Lord said he uses baby oil to repel ticks.

That unscientific approach, along with “slippery”-type clothing, has worked for Mr. Lord, who added he’s cringed when fellow hikers put their dogs at risk of ticks by allowing them into a creek along the trail.

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