Save Thousands of Dollars in Damage by Preventing Carpenter Bees!

Preventing carpenter bees – this may not sound important, but it’s actually essential if you want to protect your home. Wondering why? Carpenter bees can do thousands of dollars┬áin damage to your home and understanding the best carpenter bee control methods available today could mean protecting your biggest investment.

How Do I Control Carpenter Bees?

The process begins by understanding what you’re looking for. Carpenter bees look a lot like bumblebees, but if you see one up close, you’ll see a hairless abdomen that is shiny black. Bumblebees are typically covered by hair. You’re also likely to notice them in trees or in the eaves of frame buildings. Males can’t sting, but females can.

If you notice carpenter bees near your home, it’s important not to panic. The more you panic, the more likely you are to get stung. If you notice several bees near your home, take a closer look at the wood when the bees aren’t around. They drill perfectly round entrance holes in the wood, and they typically work against the grain. They prefer wood that is more than two inches thick, too, so look closely to see what you can find. You may also find sawdust near the hole where they’ve continued to drill into the wood.

Carpenter Bee Removal

Removing carpenter bees is complex. You’ll want a professional inspection as soon as you suspect that they’ve become a problem in your home. Typically, a professional will look to be sure that you’re dealing with carpenter bees, then treat the area with insecticide. They will leave the hole open for a few days to be sure all of the bees in the nest pick up the insecticide. After a few days, you can seal the holes and repaint the wood.

Interested in learning more about preventing carpenter bees in your home? Contact Ransford Pest Control today at 877-283-4498 and schedule an inspection.

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