Carpenter Ant Removal Before They Cause Damage to Your Home

How much damage can carpenter ants do to a home? After all, they’re just ants, right? You might be very surprised at the extent of damage they can cause. Worse yet, that damage will need repair, which you can’t even start until the carpenter ant removal process starts first. Here’s what carpenter ants do to a home.

The Ants in the Walls

Carpenter ants enjoy moist or damaged wood. They can be most attracted to wood that is exposed to moisture. Alternately, they enjoy soft wood and not just hard. This is because moist, damaged, or soft wood is easier for them to chew through. If there’s no other choice, they’ll still consume undamaged hard wood very efficiently.

They don’t eat wood like termites do. Instead, carpenter ants create galleries where they live. They’ll dispose of the wood, and you may recognize their presence by finding mysterious little piles of wood shavings near walls or wooden items. You may even hear them rustling inside the walls as hundreds of ants chew away at once.

What Carpenter Ants Do to a Home

Needless to say, a colony of  carpenter ants can chew through a substantial amount of your home’s wood. They can cause damage to your home that requires expensive repairs and that can decrease the value of your home – but most home insurance policies won’t cover that damage. That leaves you in a frustrating bind if you discover carpenter ants.

Avoid Spraying Pesticide

The carpenter ant removal process is not a DIY project. For instance, if you spray pesticide, you may kill a few ants, but you’ll only spread the majority of them throughout the rest of your home. That’s not a success; it risks creating an even bigger disaster. If she sustains enough losses, the queen may even go into overdrive when it comes to producing new eggs, making the problem far worse than it started.

Carpenter Ant Removal Process

You’ll want to contact a local Worcester ant control specialist. We identify the colony location/s so that our treatment can be precise. The goal is eliminating the queen and then the rest of the colony, so that it can’t split, spread, or satellite over a larger area. Carpenter ants are some of the most difficult ant infestations to treat, so rely on the expertise of a Ransford Environmental Solutions specialist that’s had many successes in treating them.

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