Learn What to Do With an Ant Infestation!

It’s about the last thing you want to see in your kitchen – a trail of ants on your kitchen counters. Yet in homes across the area, it happens on a regular basis. Ants are fairly social insects, and when one shows up, you can bet there’s going to be a party and many more will arrive shortly. How can you get them out once they’ve arrived? What can you do to prevent that ant infestation from reaching your home again? Take a look.

After the Infestation

Once you see those ants, the single best step you can take is picking up the phone and giving us a call. Ants are tough to eliminate on your own, and having a pest management team at your fingertips to help get rid of the ants you currently have and determine why they entered your house in the first place is nothing short of a must. We have both interior and exterior treatments to help get rid of the ants and keep them out.

Before the Next One

Before you get infested, there are actually a number of different steps you can take to keep ants out. Start by sealing your home well. Ants are tiny, so even a little crack or crevice is an invitation to come in. Think about your walls, windows, and foundations as you’re working to seal entry points. Typically caulk will work as a sealant, but if you have larger problems, you may want to enlist the help of a contractor to permanently close certain areas. Beyond sealing things, cleaning up after an ant invasion can help too. When ants want to invite their friends to a party, they leave an invisible trail – a pheromone trail – for others to follow. Soap, water, and a mop, though, will clear that trail up. You’ll also want to clean up any spilled food promptly, as that may be what attracts ants to the area in the first place. Keeping sugar, grease, and other foods out of their reach will help keep them out for good.

For professional ant removal and control, contact Ransford Environmental Solutions today. We can get rid of your pesky ant infestation and return your home to normal.

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