Avoiding Mosquitoes with Prevention Solutions

It’s been an odd winter. With late nor’easters and a few strange balmy days, there’s no doubt about it – the weather has thrown almost everyone off this year, and that spells real trouble when the warmer days of spring begin to arrive. One of the biggest problems we’re likely to face this spring – an early swam of mosquitoes. Many experts are expecting a serious uptick in bug problems, and for many people, that means issues with mosquitoes may abound in the backyard making mosquito prevention key this year┬ámore than ever.

What You Can Do Now

The biggest attraction for mosquitoes is stagnant water, and that can only happen if you have places for it to gather. What many don’t know, though, is that a tiny amount of water can play host to many mosquito eggs, so the best first step you can take is to ensure that you don’t have any spots where water can gather. The folds of the tarp over your firewood are enough, so keep an eye out for potential problem areas across your backyard. If you have low-lying areas that tend to fill up after spring rains, fill those in. Put a cover on absolutely anything that might collect water, and work the creases out of the coverings. Clear up any clogs you may have in your downspout, and circulate water in your birdbath or pond. Speaking of ponds, you may want to add fish to yours that eat mosquitoes.

While taking these steps won’t completely eliminate a mosquito problem, they are a good starting place. The next step you should take is to give us a call. Some mosquitoes can lay 300 eggs in the span of three nights, so you could literally have an issue within less than a week. We’ll help you identify any trouble spots and give you a bit of help to put a stop to the mosquitoes before they start biting this spring.

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