No More Bites this Spring with Tick Prevention!

It’s spring, and for many who spend quite a bit of time outdoors, that can only mean one thing – tick season. Experts from Michigan to Virginia are warning that this year could be one of the worst tick seasons in decades, too, thanks to extreme weather over the course of the winter making tick prevention imperative.

Are They Really that Dangerous?

Ticks are one of the most dangerous pests you may find in your yard. They’ll not only latch on to your clothes or pets, but once they latch on to your skin, they can transmit serious conditions like Lyme disease and other illnesses. Ticks prefer the warmest part of your body, like your hair or armpits, and once they’re in that perfect spot, they’ll bite into the skin and begin to draw blood. They remain attached for up to ten days.

Where Are They?

Ticks can be almost anywhere, even a residential yard. They live in the grass, trees, shrubs, or even your leaf pile. While many people think they can only pick up a tick if they live out of the city limits or while they’re camping and hiking, the simple truth is that if you have grass, trees, or shrubs in your yard, you may also have a tick problem.

Preventing Ticks

Preventing those tick bites is the only way to make certain you stay healthy this year. There are a few landscaping techniques that will help with tick prevention.

  • If you have tall grasses or brush around your home, eliminate them immediately.
  • Mow on a regular basis, particularly at the height of summer when the grass is growing well.
  • Add a fence to your property to help discourage unwelcome pests like raccoons and stray dogs.
  • Eliminate tick hiding places like old furniture, trash, or other breeding grounds.

In addition to these tips, if you live in a space surrounded by a wooded area, you may want to create a barrier between you and the wooded area. It will help to restrict their migration to your yard. You can use gravel or wood chips, but create a large enough barrier, about two to four feet wide, to keep them out.

Your other best bet? Give us a call. We’ll take a look at your space and help you identify any potential problem areas and treat for ticks this year so they’re not a problem as you enjoy the coming spring!

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