What Exactly Is a Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

How does bed bug heat treatment work? Bed bugs will die in about 90 minutes in an area that reaches 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Increase that temperature to 122 degrees, and they will die immediately, as well as any eggs.

Heat Treating in a Complete Way

Of course, it’s difficult to raise an entire home to that temperature. Not only that, but bed bugs sometimes reside in the walls, or in insulated areas that may take longer to heat. When you raise a room’s temperature to 122 degrees, the inside of the walls may take a little longer to hit that mark, like a thermos holding cool water.

This means that heating up a room, apartment, or home in a way that effectively kills bed bugs takes some time. Typically, a bed bug heat treatment service will take between 6 and 8 hours to complete.

During this time, the temperature in a room itself will be heated to between 135 and 145 degrees. Remote thermometers are used to ensure that the heat penetrates specific areas.

Preparing for Heat Treatment

Of course, this means that no pets can stay in the area during this time. Objects and devices that will melt or otherwise react negatively to the heat must also be removed. Since bed bugs can easily ride along in these, you’ll need to speak with a bed bug exterminator to determine how these objects should be treated for bed bugs.

How does bed bug heat treatment compare to insecticide methods of treatment? They can both be appropriate for different circumstances, but a bed bug heat treatment service carries the benefit of working immediately. With insecticide treatments, they have to be applied across at least two or three visits.

Heat treatment is a more complete, immediate approach that will get bed bugs out of your life in a much faster way. To learn more, contact Ransford today.

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