Keep Rodents Out During the Winter with Prevention

Rodent pest control is key during the winter. We’re in a kind of rodent boom as populations are increasing. That means more rodents are trying to find food sources and warm shelter during the winter. You need to keep rodents out by sealing gaps and cracks while it’s still warm enough for you to get it done.

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Make sure you also put food away and wipe up crumbs. Rodents are primarily looking for warmth in these months, but they also must have access to food. If you can deny them this, they may not find your home a suitable shelter. This may mean taking extra steps, like putting bags of food or ingredients in Tupperware and covering any type of food that’s left out. Rodents have wide-ranging diets and aren’t too picky.

Also keep in mind that rodents are happy with most pet foods. These are foods designed to provide nutrients to animals larger than them, after all. Rodents have strong teeth, too. They’ll easily chew through bags that you might not be able to tear open yourself. They’re happy with everything from dog food and cat food pellets to bird seed. Also keep in mind that you should clean up indoor litter boxes regularly – many rodents will eat animal feces when other options aren’t available.

Keep Rodents Out

In the winter, rodents will chew through insulation and find ways in through the walls. They’ll often chew through wiring. This is a nightmare in some houses where it’s difficult to access and fix that wiring. They’ll like to keep out of sight, so by the time you actually see them, it means they have a reason to be braver. That reason is usually that there are so many of them now that they have to be more courageous in looking for food sources.

Rodents will often carry disease. They can transmit some things themselves, and other diseases will be transmitted through the fleas or ticks they carry.

If you can’t take steps toward rodent prevention to keep rodents out, give us a call. We don’t just do rodent removal, we also inspect. This means looking for entry points into your home and sealing them up. We can help you rodent-proof your home. In other words, we come up with a rodent pest control plan specific to your house.

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