Are German Roaches Different Than Other Cockroaches?

One thing is true of all cockroaches. If you see one, it’s not alone. Cockroaches are experts at infesting a home without being seen. If you see one, chances are the infestation is large enough that some members are getting pushed out and taking more chances looking for food and water. German roaches are particularly bad and requires immediate roach control.

What are German Cockroaches?

Despite the name, German roaches are more likely to have originated in Africa or Asia. They are the fastest reproducing cockroaches, making them one of the nastier infestations you’ll see. A German cockroach can lay up to 50 eggs, and each of these eggs contains a cockroach that will reach maturity in another 50-60 days.

That means that a single pregnant German cockroach can turn into more than 1,200 cockroaches in just two generations. That can become 30,000 in three generations – or in about half a year. This is why German roach control and roach removal are so important!

Roaches in My Home german roaches ransford pest control worcester

German cockroach removal is essential and should be done professionally. Simply put, German roaches are some of the hardiest animals known to man. If you’ve done your job of cleaning everything up and making sure no water is accessible to them, they’ll still find things to eat that aren’t even food. They’ll resort to glue, soap, toothpaste, and a wide variety of other items you wouldn’t imagine could sustain an infestation.

In fact, before leaving an area, they’ll often resort to cannibalizing each other. They pick the legs and wings off each other as if they just decided that their friends are suddenly rotisserie chickens.

Effective Roach Removal

Roach removal involves two steps. The first is having a pest control company exterminate and remove the roaches from your home.

The second step involves roach control that you can put into effect. This includes sealing up entry points they may have accessed, cleaning up and containing food better, throwing out trash more often, and making sure there don’t have easily accessible water.

If you want to pre-empt the roaches, we can help you inspect, find and seal potential access points, as well as show you some minor but effective landscaping tricks that help repel them. Additionally, we can help you identify habits that remove food and water access from the equation.

Contact Ransford Environmental today for more information on our German roach control.

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