Home Rodent Control During Winter Months in Worcester

Rodents are attracted to a home because it offers them something they need. As it gets colder outside, many rodents will simply be looking for warmth. This puts every home at some risk because we all put our heat on. Yet what else can an environment give them? Is there easily accessible food and water? Pet food they can get into? Home rodent control begins with answering these questions. Rodent exclusion proceeds from what your answers are.

Food Storage

Some homes will be more attractive than others to rodents because they offer easier entry or more accessible food. Controlling rodents around your house relies on denying them a reason to be there in the first place. Seal up food so that they can’t get in. Don’t leave water out. Make sure sinks and tubs drain properly. Make sure that crumbs are cleaned up. Look for alternative ways of storing foods you’d normally leave uncovered on a counter, like pies. Make sure pet food is stored securely and dishes are cleaned up when the pets are not eating. Make sure garbage is secured and contained, both inside and outside. No environment that denies a rodent food will be its best option.

Denying Access  home rodent control worcester ransford pest

Beyond this, home rodent control also calls for rodent exclusion. This means denying them entry into your home in the first place. This can take a little more work, but once it’s done, it’s done. You’ll have to look for every way they can gain entry into the home. For older homes with gaps and cracks in the basement or brickwork, this can be even more difficult. And don’t forget that unused chimneys that aren’t properly maintained can become a highway for animals and rodents.

Professional Solutions

If you have trouble controlling rodents around your home, the answer may rest in hiring a professional. At Ransford, we’ve helped with rodent exclusion in homes old and new. We know where to look and how to track down entry points and seal them effectively – thus saving you time. We can also hunt down nests that animals make in the home, helping to trap and remove them when we find them. Rodents don’t always travel alone, and that means where you see one, there are often others.

Call Ransford Pest today, we can help address the entire problem, and prevent it in the future.

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