Get Rid of Cockroach Infestation with Professional Tips

Cockroach control has to start outside the home. Once roaches get inside the home, you’ve already lost control. Cockroach infestation is extremely difficult to remove. You will not be able to do so yourself and you will need professional pest control if you have a cockroach infestation. Stopping them before they get in, though? That’s something that you can mostly do on your own.

Seal Gaps: A little work preventing cockroaches from getting inside will save you a lot of work later trying to get rid of cockroaches. The first thing to do is to seal up any gaps, holes, cracks, and crevices through which cockroaches can enter your home. This also includes screening drains and vents that enter your home. cockroach infestation worcester ransford pest control

Clean up Water: Focus on basement areas, the foundation, doors, and windows. Pay special attention to any areas with leaking or collected water. Clean this up and keep water from collecting or dripping. A humid basement at any time of the year will encourage cockroaches to take shelter in your home. A dehumidifier is a good investment if you fear cockroach infestation in your basement.

Cool and Dry: Keep the spaces you don’t use as cool and dry as possible. Of course, a draft can keep your basement cool and dehumidify it, but it also means you’ve got gaps roaches can use. Closing things up means that draft disappears, but the area will become more humid. This is why we recommend a dehumidifier as a good cockroach control investment.

Garden Management: Make sure that bushes near the home are trimmed up off the ground if you can. Make a separation of several inches between any mulch in the garden and the wall of your home. Anything leaning up against the home or stored against it should be moved further out or away from the home. This allows fewer hiding spaces when approaching the house and searching for access.

If you need to get rid of cockroaches, do not wait to do so. They multiply like mad, and as their food supply becomes too small to feed their population, they’ll start pouring into other areas of the house. Call in the professionals at Ransford immediately. There are many infestations you can try to get rid of by yourself – but cockroaches aren’t one of them. We can help, call today!

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