Bird Control Keeps Them out of Your Home This Winter

It’s a good idea to check your chimney before lighting that fireplace. Birds may have built nests, which may still be occupied in some cases, or which may give homes to other creatures looking for a warm place over the winter. It’s a good idea to have a good bird control plan in place and check that chimney before accidentally roasting something!

Bird Control & Bird Exclusion bird control worcester ransford pest control

Bird control can be important during the winter. Many birds have flown south, but others will flock and search for food. It’s much more difficult to clean a roof in winter than it is during other times of the year. This is why it’s a good time of year to have bird exclusion done to keep birds out.

Bird exclusion is a safe way of preventing birds from loitering around on your roof. It’s useful for homes and businesses as a way of keeping a mess from building up. We forget sometimes that birds can carry and share disease, especially through their droppings.

Bird exclusion is the kindest approach to bird control. You can’t really trap and move a bird the same way you can some animals. And, since birds are so social, it’s usually not a single problem bird that needs to be removed. It’s often an entire flock.

Safe Use for Birds

For these reasons, the best way to keep birds out is simply through deterrents. Depending on the type of bird that is pestering you, there are several approaches that will scare birds off. The most practical are often bird spikes. These don’t harm the birds – they’re smart enough to avoid landing in the first place. They do deter birds from thinking your roof is a comfortable place to stay, thus avoiding the need for clean-up. They’re practical, effective, and difficult to see from the ground with the human eye – meaning they won’t create any kind of eyesore.

It’s also a good time of year to establish this kind of bird control because it will mean you’re fully prepared for the spring when migrating birds come through. You’ll already have tools in place to deter birds and avoid the mess they make. The birds themselves are largely unaffected. There are plenty of other places for them to mingle that aren’t your roof.

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