Wasp Removal News Because They Are Still Out in Full Force!

We’ve had some weird up-and-down weather this year. It keeps dipping into fall-like temperatures but then climbing back into warm late summer temps. Even without this weird weather, wasp removal in Massachusetts is still a major concern, sometimes as late as November. With mild and even warm temperatures occurring regularly, wasps are still very much active. If you’ve got them, wasp removal is a must.

Wasp Prevention

Fluctuating temperatures are why wasps have such a reputation for ruining fall picnics and harvest festivals. Flowering season is definitely coming to a close, which means that outdoor barbecues and get-togethers become prime territory for wasps. Wasp control is easier if you continue to follow your summer practices for covering food outside and making sure trash is in a closed container.

Wasp Removal wasp removal worcester ransford pest control

A single wasp nest can hold thousands of wasps, so wasp removal is not a DIY kind of activity. Furthermore, wasps are more easily riled up than bees and can be much more aggressive. As you probably know, wasps can also sting multiple times each, whereas every individual bee can only sting once. This means getting swarmed by just a few dozen wasps can result in a hundred stings. Getting swarmed by hundreds is even riskier.

Do not attempt to get rid of wasps on your own. Wasp removal should be done by a professional Massachusetts pest control specialist.

Wintertime Wasps

Once you make it to the winter, queens will hibernate in preparation for making a new nest next year. This is an ideal time to practice wasp prevention for the future. You can remove nests at this point, though it’s still best done by a professional. You may also mistake a hive – some bee hives may still contain semi-active bees. Although the risk is greatly reduced in winter, it’s still best to rely on a professional. Contact Ransford Pest today to have a wasp removal expert take care of your issues.

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