What Are Voles and Why Are They Damaging My Yard?

What are voles? Voles are small rodents that are a lot like mice. You can tell them apart because their tails are short compared to their bodies and their heads are rounder. Their heads are round because, unlike most mice, voles spend a lot of time burrowing underground. Stouter heads are more maneuverable in tight tunnels. Voles tunneling underneath and damaging your yard can be a big problem, but there are ways to get rid of them.

What Are Voles Doing In My Yard?

Voles will tunnel into root systems of plants and start devouring, essentially killing the plants from the bottom up. Tubers and bulbs are particularly susceptible to voles, meaning they can be a major problem for farmers and gardeners alike. what are voles ransford pest control

Voles may also make your lawn look bumpy because their tunnels will cause dips and furrows, as well as rises and holes. There’s a chance that voles will dig their way into underground wiring or piping, though this isn’t overly common and piping should be too durable for them to harm.

Voles are natural prey for a number of animals. Some of these are cool to see around your house: falcons, hawks, and owls, for instance. Yet they also attract coyotes, raccoons, stray cats and dogs.

Prevent/Get Rid of Voles

To prevent voles, keep your yard and property clean. This includes keeping your grass short and raking up leaves, pine needles and pine cones, and other organic debris. You can also regularly cultivate your garden soil, turning over dirt and disrupting tunnels. Barriers for gardens and young trees can also help; remember, though, to give your plants’ roots room to grow within this barrier.

Voles in your yard can be removed and trapped humanely. It’s best to avoid this through small environmental changes that deny them good habitat and easy food. If voles are damaging your yard, we can always help you get rid of them

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