Stink Bugs Odor Makes Their Name a Perfect Match

If you see a small, brownish bug whose body is the shape of a badge (with a head at the top), don’t squash it! This is a stink bug. The stink bugs odor is bad. Squash a stink bug and you’ll release all of the pungent odor at once.

A Smell to Grimace At

Why does it smell so bad? The same reason a skunk’s smell does: to deter would-be predators. A stink bug releases the smell when it feels under threat. In fact, it smells similar to a skunk, if you mixed that skunk smell with a few select kitchen spices. Trust us – it’s not a good experience. stink bug odor ransford pest control

We’d recommend against vacuuming them up, too. While this is an easy manner of stink bug removal, it makes them panic. That, in turn, can quickly make your vacuum – and any room you take it into – smell like the stink bugs odor, which is not good.

Wintering with Stink Bugs

Stink bug control is paramount in this situation, especially as the winter comes along. You’ll see more stink bugs inside houses. Stink bugs aren’t dangerous, but their odor will collect over the winter as they search the house for food. If you’re stuck inside with this, you’ll notice the stench begin to collect within a few days or weeks. If they’re located in an unused portion of the house, the stench can go unnoticed until it becomes a real problem. Beyond their offensive smell, stink bugs are not dangerous. While stink bugs can bite, they will almost never do so. They prefer to use their stink as a defense mechanism. You do not want them in your home. It is best to get rid of stink bugs as soon as you can.

Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs aren’t native to North America. They were imported accidentally from Asia. The last 20 years have seen their populations explode across New England. Stink bug control and stink bug removal is relatively easy, but it can take some time. Contact Ransford Pest today to discuss our stink bug removal. After we get rid of stink bugs for you, you may want to do a deep clean of the area where they were infested.

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