Controlling Mice: Keep Them Outside Instead of Inside Your Home

It’s an especially bad year for mice. This means a lot of sinking hearts when you see something quick flash in the corner of your eye or you hear a second of something scurrying. Your heart sinks because you know a household bug looking for warmth in the winter doesn’t move that fast and it’s not big enough to scurry. Other signs include finding small brown pellets that look like grains of dark rice (mouse feces) or holes chewed in the bottom of bags of food. Mice control is important, but it starts with controlling mice even get into the house. Let’s talk about how to keep mice out of the housecontrolling mice worcester ransford pest control

Controlling Mice

It’s a good time of year to start mice control. Controlling mice begins outside. You need to make sure entry points into the house are properly sealed. Mice can squish their bodies down to a fraction of their standing size, meaning they can get through many cracks and gaps. Seal these up. Take an extra step by clearing debris and items away from the walls of your home. Keeping mice out of the house means giving them no place to hide alongside the house as they search for entry.

Mice are skilled at finding their way into walls, regardless of whether you have a new or old home. This means that however they get inside, once they’re inside they’ll pretty much have run of the house.

Get Rid of Mice

Mice are looking for warmth and for food. Mice control means wiping up any crumbs and not leaving food out. Mice are carriers of a number of diseases and if they get into your food, you can be exposed to a significant health risk. If you find that mice frequent an area, pick things up off the floor so there’s less room for them to hide. They’ll deal with open floor space if they must, but they’ll always take the most hidden route available to them.

To get rid of mice, you can set your own traps. This will address the problem one by one, but won’t always solve a rodent infestation. A mouse is seldom alone. To truly get rid of mice, you may need to contact Ransford Pest to help you track down where they’re bedding down and come up with a more complete approach to mouse control.

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