Termite Swarming During Winter Months in Massachusetts

Subterranean termite swarming can become a huge problem over the winter. These are the culprits who build a colony beneath your home and chew through the wood of your house. You might not see termites until it’s too late. Why is this? They build mud tunnels beneath your home to help maintain their environment as they travel from colony to food source (your home). Their most important purpose is keeping them hydrated. These are termite superhighways that go directly into your walls.

Best Time for Termite Treatment

The best time for termite treatment is whenever you discover that you have termites. They are not a problem that can wait or be put off. The longer you wait to address them, the greater a risk that your house is becoming permanently damaged and structurally unsound. If you suspect a problem, however, there is the best time of the year for termite treatment and checks to begin. This is right before winter hits.termite swarming worcester ransford pest control

There’s a chance of termite swarming after the Fall rains, but subterranean termites are the most likely kind you’ll encounter in Massachusetts. Termites will focus on the soft wood of your home. Any place that’s damaged, or especially water-damaged, could be their first target.

Termites can be difficult to detect until the damage is brutally bad. If you see small wings shed around your home, this can be an indicator of drywood termites. These are different from subterranean termites – they live directly in the walls rather than traveling there.

Checking for Termites and Eliminating Them

Check for damaged wood, both in your home and on your property. Look beneath your home or where you can get behind the walls for subterranean termites’ tunnels. We can do a full check of your house, and even deliver a Wood Destroying Insect Report for you (this is necessary during sales of homes, for instance).

Termite treatments can very effectively terminate termite infestations. Spot treatments will not help. Those are like shaving off the peak of a mountain – the mountain’s still there underneath you. Termite treatments are necessary to deal with any termite infestation. A small one will only grow larger if you do not directly deal with termites by using professional termite treatments.

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