Raccoon Control Can Still Be a Problem in Winter

Raccoon prevention gets more important at this time of year. Temperatures are cooling and raccoons are looking to get into your trash and bulk up for the winter. Raccoons do not hibernate, but they will stay in their dens longer. During this time, you can expect raccoons to seek out the easiest and nearest food sources. Don’t assume that just because it’s winter, nuisance animals will stop raiding your trash. Raccoon control is still very necessary.

Raccoon-Proof Your Neighborhood raccoon control worcester ransford pest control

Raccoon prevention, however, doesn’t just rely on you. It’s a good thing for entire neighborhoods to ensure that their garbage and other edibles are secured. If your neighbor four doors down is offering a smorgasbord, these pests will happily cut through your backyard if it’s the easiest route.

Raccoons will typically run away if confronted, but if they feel cornered, they will engage even a large dog and they can do damage. If you suspect a raccoon is using your yard as a throughway, make sure you check out back before letting your dogs out to do their business. This is especially true at night.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

To get rid of raccoons, we need to trap them. This often requires a bit of an investigation. Raccoons are smart and won’t fall for just any trap. We look for signs of their paths and locations of their dens. This can make it easier to predict their future behavior. Safe trapping means you also won’t be exposed to diseases or parasites they may carry.  Call Ransford Pest to professionally deal with your raccoon control problem.

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