Understanding More About Carpenter Bees in Massachusetts

Carpenter bees will dig out wood to create a nest, but they aren’t like termites or carpenter ants. Carpenter bees are much more exact. This means they won’t demolish a home like a hungry army of termites can. Instead, carpenter bees tend to focus on areas and damage or ruin it by creating galleries. This makes learning about carpenter bees,¬†carpenter bee control and carpenter bee removal in Massachusetts a crucial step you shouldn’t wait to take. Learn more about carpenter bees here:

What Do Carpenter Bees Look Like? about carpenter bees ransford pest worcester ma

Carpenter bees look like fairly large bees. They appear similar to bumble bees, but their relatively harmless cousins are covered in tiny hairs that make them appear fuzzy. Carpenter bees lack this fuzzy appearance. Carpenter bees tend to be shinier.

Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

Carpenter bees aren’t usually aggressive, but they will react if provoked. Male carpenter bees do not sting. They lack a stinger, but that won’t stop them from buzzing around you and worrying you. Female carpenter bees can and will sting if they feel threatened.

How Do They Damage Property?

Carpenter bees dig out very precise holes in soft wood. This makes decks and posts particularly susceptible targets. Deck furniture can also be destroyed this way, though the bees will typically aim for larger pieces.

Once a carpenter bee has created a hole, it may live there alone or other bees may also use this as an entrance. Rather than creating a single hive, each bee will create a separate gallery for their home. In other words, one hole may lead to several galleries that each contain many eggs. This is why you shouldn’t wait to address carpenter bee control. The longer you wait, the more bees you’ll have.

While carpenter bees don’t create hives, many can spread out over a localized area like your property, creating hole after hole, leading to nest after nest. Because of the difficult nature of targeting bees deep inside wood without further damaging your home, carpenter bee removal should be addressed by experts with the proper tools and methods.

If you think you have a carpenter bee problem, contact Ransford today at 877-283-4498.

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