Quick Guide to Controlling those Dreaded Restaurant Flies

A friend recently went to one of his favorite restaurants. In the interest of maintaining privacy, we won’t name it here. He had loved this restaurant for a decade, swore by it, and even debated with his friends that it was the best in town. Then one summer he showed up to find the place had a fly problem. Flies buzzed around and little gnats were constantly landing on the food and flying away again. He couldn’t finish his meal and left. After that single bad experience, he swore off the restaurant forever. Even a couple restaurant flies can chase business away pretty quickly.

Flies Chase Customers Away

Flies in a restaurant communicate to a customer that the owners must not care enough to keep the place clean. That makes them feel like the food isn’t clean, and people rarely go back to an establishment where they feel the food itself isn’t clean. Why would you? This makes commercial pest control and fly removal a crucial – yet often very overlooked – element to a successful restaurant.

Often, fly problems get out of control because a restaurant treats them as a passing problem. Sometimes, it might be. Flies can be a problem one day and pass along the next. Yet if you do still see flies the next day, it’s time to call a pest control specialist. Flies that go un-addressed become a problem quickly because they breed and mature so swiftly. A fly can go from egg to adult in as few as 8 days. restaurant flies ransford pest worcester

How to Get Rid of Flies

There are certain steps you can take that may seem obvious – better food storage, a renewed focus on sanitation, spending more time on cleaning up and cleaning up more often after food prep and serving. These may only take you so far, however. There are other elements that may need a different focus.

For commercial fly control and fly removal, you may need a professional pest exterminator to address the greases and oils that a kitchen produces. This includes bioremediation in drains and other equipment. If drains go uncleaned, these may be the #1 habitat for flies to lay their eggs and reproduce.

We use organic microbes to clean and eliminate the places that flies find comfortable. If you can eliminate the places flies breed and lay their eggs, and offer them fewer places to pick at food, you can get rid of flies in your restaurant. Ask us how.

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