Diseases Make Mice Control Necessary Year Round

An infestation of mice can create a serious problem for homeowners. They can chew through insulation, electrical wiring, and even damage piping, scurrying in the walls and breeding. Yet the chief danger they may cause is by carrying and transmitting diseases to both you and your pets. Get rid of mice with the help of a professional mice control procedure if you have them in the home. It’s not worth the risk. mice control ransford pest control worcester ma

When it comes to mice in the home, there are three types of mice that are common to these infestations:

Deer mice have a nasty habit of carrying diseases and are very often test positive for carrying the agent that communicates Lyme disease. This doesn’t mean you’ll catch it from the mouse, but mice in the home can be an indicator that you’ll have a lot of ticks in the area. Most of Massachusetts is just inside the range for deer mice, and well within the range of house mice and white footed mice (see below). Deer mice are either gray-brown or red-brown with a lighter belly and a shorter tail than the others.

House mice are less likely to carry diseases, but they can still carry a form of pox. This can infect other household animals with diseases like Leptospirosis – that can be transmitted to dogs and may cause kidney failure and internal hemorrhaging. House mice are smaller than the other two types, are a gray-brown mix, and have a tail that lacks hair.

White footed mice can carry diseases that include Lyme, although less research has gone into their species.  White footed mice look very similar to deer mice but are larger.

Each of these mice can be found in the home. Mouse removal is key here – you don’t want these animals to linger and build nests. We’ve mentioned Lyme Disease, but this takes a medium like a tick to transmit to a human. Ticks may ride along on mice, but it’s not uncommon for them to leap from mice to people. Other diseases are more directly transmittable, and may only require fleas that ride along on the mouse already. Here, the vector for passing to humans and especially your pets is much more direct. Get rid of mice if you have them.

Mice control and mice removal should be done by pest professionals to ensure the infestation is fully addressed. They will need to identify and seal entry points into the home. Call Ransford today if you suspect you have a mouse problem in your home.

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