Mosquito Prevention Season is in Full Swing in Massachusetts

Every year it’s something new with mosquitoes. First, it was West Nile Virus. A few years ago, we became increasingly aware of Triple E. Now, we’re waiting to see whether breeds of mosquitoes in New England can carry Zika Virus or not. Mosquito prevention and mosquito control are more important now than ever.

We’ve been pretty lucky because the cool start to spring/summer has discouraged mosquitoes from coming out in numbers…so far. ¬†That luck is about to change, however, because the spring hasn’t just been cool, it’s also been rainy. In a few weeks, summer will start to heat up. When it does, all that extra water in the environment will provide a multitude of spawning opportunities for mosquitoes. How can you prevent mosquitoes from taking up residence near your home?

Mosquito Prevention

The primary form of mosquito control in Massachusetts is to empty standing water near your property. You can’t drain a pond, and you shouldn’t interfere with any natural pool of standing water, but these aren’t the only places where mosquitoes breed.¬†mosquito prevention ransford pest control

Mosquitoes are opportunists, so mosquito prevention centers on denying them these opportunities. Water that’s left standing inside an old tire, a hollow tree trunk, an empty flower pot, a garbage can, or even a cup left outside for days, can all provide breeding opportunities for mosquitoes. Walk around your property and empty the water out of any kind of container.

Mosquito Abatement

If the problem remains, there’s another step you can take to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks (which are also expected to be bad this year). Ransford uses a natural pesticide and an insect growth regulator that can limit the number of mosquitoes and ticks in an area. This is ideal if you’re having a major problem or if you need to clean the area for a party or gathering.

Treatments take place 30 days apart and can deny mosquitoes your property as a breeding ground. This form of mosquito abatement works well and is even more effective when neighbors also take action.

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