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When we protect a home with termite control programs, we use Sentricon Always Active. It’s important for someone facing a termite infestation to know what exactly this is and does.

Sentricon is a home termite program that uses bait, not spray or treatments.  Sentricon targets the colony from the top down, eliminating the queen and thus the colony. Since termites would still be able to spread and create new colonies, Sentricon also inhibits their continued life cycles.

Why Don’t Sprays Work on Termites?

There’s a reason that spraying doesn’t work well with termites. Spot treatments only address what you can see. The termites you see are the tip of an iceberg, and may represent tens of thousands more that you’ll never see until your house is falling down around you.

Creating perimeters with sprays is also not useful, as it sometimes is with other kinds of pests. Termites are already in or under the home. Any perimeter that can be set has already been breached. Sprays can also sometimes create risk for children and pets. It makes no sense to use sprays that may harm us while barely addressing the termite problem. Sentricon Always Active Ransford Pest Control worcester

How Do Home Termite Programs Work?

Because sprays are next to useless against termites, Sentricon uses inserts that are installed in the ground in particular areas. To decide where to place them, a pest control specialist who does termite treatments in Worcester will examine your home and determine where exactly the termites are and how they’re entering different areas.

This approach works because the key to termite control programs is making the termites work against themselves. We can’t hunt down the termites and spray them without tearing the foundations of your home apart. We can’t drill into where the termites are without doing the termites’ job of destroying your home.  So what we do is we examine how the termites are moving and feeding, and we use their own workers against them.  We let them carry the bait back to their colony and then the bait does the rest of the work.

Is This Termite Control Program Safe?

Sentricon is a Reduced Risk Pesticide. It must meet several standards set by the EPA. It’s made to be environmentally responsible and have minimal impact on families living in the impacted home.

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