Are Black Pavement Ants Coming For You?

Pavement ants are so named because you’ll often see their nests made in between cracks on the pavement. When you see ants on sidewalks, there’s a good chance that what you’re seeing is black pavement ants. They build their nests into these cracks, taking advantage of the natural hollows that ice and rain have created and the strong protection that cement, concrete, and brick surroundings provide.

Pavement Ants Swarm

Pavement ants aren’t just the ants you see on sidewalks, though. This time of year, they tend to swarm. Swarmers play a specific role in pavement ant colonies. They have wings and will swarm the air, reproducing in order to start new colonies. black pavement ants ransford pest control worcester

When this swarming happens, black pavement ants are very likely to make it inside buildings. As we’ve already established, they like nooks and crannies of building material where they can create nests. This means your home can be susceptible to an infestation.

What Happens During a Pavement Ant Infestation?

Many infestations will chew on the structure that holds your buildings up. Pavement ants don’t do this. They create nests between cracks, but they don’t create the cracks themselves. This does mean that they will nest in the walls and underneath the floors of your home.

Black pavement ants aren’t dangerous. They will sting and bite, and this can hurt, but they aren’t especially harmful.

Pavement ant infestations are more of a nuisance, but they will make it into your cupboards as they forage for food. They can eat many human foods. Once they’ve located a food source, they create reliable trails that other ants in the nest can follow. A pavement ant infestation can quickly grow overwhelming and create a real problem for you. It’s important to address it when you first notice it. Like any infestation, it won’t go away on its own. It will only grow more and more problematic until you contact a pest management company in Worcester like Ransford.

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