Traveling this Summer? Watch for Bed Bugs in Hotels

With the summer travel season underway, it is important to talk about something that no one wants to talk about. Bed bugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs in hotels are an increasingly common problem. What’s worse is that these little creatures can and will hitch a ride anywhere. They will crawl into your clothes or into your suitcase and then become bed bugs in your home as soon as you are back from your trip. And this is not the kind of souvenir that anyone wants.

Bed bugs and camp can be an even larger problem. Bed bugs can easily spread throughout a cabin unnoticed. Camp cabins do not receive a daily cleaning service and, with everyone’s gear so close together, bed bugs can easily move from bunk to bunk or bag to bag.

Bed Beg Preventionbed bugs in hotels ransford pest control

There are a few things you can do to help you stay safe from bed bugs in hotels. When you reach a hotel, pull back the sheets and look at the corners of the mattress. You should also look behind the headboard of the bed. Bed bugs like to gather there. Also, be sure to check the curtains, chairs or couches in the room and behind wall hangings. Just because they are called bed bugs, it does not mean that they only live in and around a bed. Keep an eye out for any obvious signs of bed bugs in hotels such as waste, exoskeletons and the bugs themselves.

Bed Bug Feeding

Bed bugs feed on humans, mostly at night. A bed bug bite may leave you with a rash, hives or bites from where they fed on your blood. They crawl out at night to have their unsuspecting dinner and return to their hiding spots to start mating. Females can lay between 1 and 12 eggs each day.

Bed Bug Control

Even an hour in an infested room can mean everything’s been exposed to bed bugs. Since these tiny pests reproduce very quickly, even bringing a few home means that you could have an infestation in a few months. If you are dealing with bed bugs, or think you might have them, do not look up what to do online – please call us. Bed bugs are very difficult to eliminate. We can advise you about the best bed bug control techniques. We will also provide you with bed bug prevention tips so you can be sure everything you bring back to your home is free of bed bugs and stays that way.

Do not take these little bugs lightly. This is one of the worst infestations you can have, and bed bugs in your home must be treated as quickly as possible. Contact Ransford Pest today if you have or think you may have bed bugs.

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