Understanding Carpenter Ant Prevention and Treatments

A carpenter ant infestation can get out of control quickly. Carpenter ants cut galleries into wood and they’ll leave wood debris where they’ve been, but they won’t actually eat the wood like termites will. This can still make them quite destructive if left alone. Understanding their habits and carpenter ant prevention is the key to controlling them.

What Do Carpenter Ants Eat?carpenter ant prevention ransford pest worcester mal

Carpenter ants vary in size depending on what the colony needs. Ants eat much of the same food we do and are drawn most to sugars and meats. Carpenter ant prevention starts with making sure you clean up after your meals and meal preparation, including crumbs. Don’t leave food out. All it takes is a few interested worker ants to zero in on your kitchen. If you see winged ants, than you probably already have an established colony.

Carpenter Ant Treatment 

Treating carpenter ants with a simple pesticide isn’t a good answer in most situations. What this does is spread the colony out as they try to avoid the pesticide. Worse yet, the colony’s queen will increase the number of eggs she produces in order to off-set the loss in workers. The queen can live up to 25 years, so having a more spread-out colony which is now producing more eggs is not any kind of solution to a carpenter ant problem.

In the worst case scenario, pesticide spray splits the colony as the ants move away from it, forcing carpenter ants to create multiple satellite colonies. Now you’ve taken one problem and multiplied it. Spraying with a regular pesticide may risk making the problem much worse without actually getting at the heart of the issue.

Carpenter Ant Control in Worcester

To eliminate carpenter ants, you have to target the queen herself. Carpenter ant treatment is usually effective but you will need the help of good carpenter ant control in Worcester. Contact a professional such as Ransford Pest for carpenter ant treatment. Among other things, we’ll be able to assess the extent of the damage they’ve already done and work eliminating them.

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