Time for Termite Treatment – But Which is the Best?

This time of years brings great weather and bugs. The two go hand in hand, and for the most part, we cope with them as part of life.  If you’ve got termites, it’s not like getting a bug bite during a walk in the park. Termites can destroy a house from the bottom up, damaging a home and its value in the space of a few seasons. But you don’t have to cope with termites with the best termite treatment.

By the time you notice evidence of termites, their work of dismantling your home is already well underway. The only answer for termite control is immediate bait treatment.
One of the best termite treatments is Sentricon, and this is what we use. The strength of Sentricon is that it doesn’t disrupt how termites live until it’s too late for them. They don’t sense anything is wrong until they’re already losing their ability to eat and breed. termite treatment ransford pest control

Termites find Sentricon bait more preferable than wood, which means once they find it, they’ll happily dive in and eat it up. As they come into contact with other workers, these termites will distribute the bait throughout their colony. As the workers die, the colony will lose its ability to sustain itself. This is the beginning of the end for the termites.

This is really the only way to get at termites. Spot treatments only treat the termites you see, and the ones you see are only the workers searching out food. Because termites live underground, you can’t hunt them down and treat them directly. A bait that will take down the entire colony from a distance is the only answer. This is why Sentricon is the best termite treatment.  Best of all, Sentricon bait works at termite prevention, as well. Future colonies will come into contact with the bait and destroy themselves before you even know they’re there, and before they can make it into your house.

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