Storing Winter Clothes? Watch Out for Clothes Moths!

Clothes moths can devastate your wardrobe quickly. They prefer fabric that’s animal-based. Wool is their favorite, but anything made from fur, hair, or even leather and feathers, is susceptible. They also feed off dust because it’s covered in oil that they find appealing. This makes clothes moth prevention crucial if you’ve ever had a problem with them.

Clothes Moth Prevention

One of the best steps toward clothes moth prevention is simply vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting. You can’t get rid of your favorite clothes, but you can eliminate the easy things clothes moths like. Check wool carpets and rugs especially often, and if you see any clothes moths in these, vacuum them very thoroughly. clothes moth prevention ransford pest control

The larvae do the damage and if you find them, you’ll know it. Even if you’re made of stern stuff, the larvae will probably disgust you. They’re little, wriggling worms up to half an inch long. They look like a bad outtake from a sci-fi movie.

Clothes Moth Removal

To get clothes moths out, you can shake clothes out over a non-carpet surface, vacuum up anything that falls out, and launder the clothes on high heat. This will kill both larvae and the moths.

The most apparent sign of a clothes moth infestation is that you’ll often see them flitting about. This is particularly true if you disturb laundry and see one fly out, or move some fabric or a blanket and one flies away.

You might also find them in old wool carpets, particularly when you lift the edge. If you notice the edge of a carpet wearing very quickly without explanation, this is also a good indicator you have an infestation of clothes moths.

Clothes Moth Control

You may also think that the end of the infestation is when you don’t see the moths anymore – problem solved. It may be, but clothes moths’ larvae can stay in their wormlike stage for up to two years in certain conditions. This means that if you have an infestation, you need to be aggressive about addressing it.

The best thing for clothes moth control, if you have an infestation, is to consult with a Worcester pest control specialist. Infestations can be nasty to get rid of permanently, and if it’s a situation where the infestation recurs, clothes moth control through professional pest control is the best solution.

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