Practicing Mosquito Prevention Around Your Yard and Neighborhood

Mosquito season is back and it’s predicted to be a bad one for these annoying pests this year. Controlling mosquitoes through mosquito prevention practices is going to be especially important. We’ve had some weird weather that keeps dipping back into the 30s and 40s, but as soon as this is over and we get into spring proper, yard mosquito control is going to be extremely helpful.

Standing Water 

Here’s a very simple approach to mosquito control that you can practice and start in your neighborhood. Simply look for standing pools of water, especially after it rains. Empty these out. It can be an old tire, an open barrel, or just a ditch that collects water. Any pool of standing water makes an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. This means emptying that pool denies mosquitoes one more area they can use. Get your neighbors to do this, too, and you can very quickly begin to cut down on the number of mosquitoes in an area.

Mosquito Prevention

Of course, this won’t eliminate mosquitoes entirely. Remember to use mosquito repellent when you go outside. All-natural repellents are somewhat effective but not as effective as normal mosquito repellents. Repellents containing DEET are OK to use, just make sure you don’t breathe it in as you spray. Wearing longer clothes (jeans instead of shorts, long-sleeve shirts instead of T-shirts) also prevents mosquito bites, but obviously won’t be the best choice on especially hot or sweltering days.

Always talk to a veterinarian about what mosquito repellents you can spray on your pet. Different animals and different breeds react differently. Only a vet can tell you what’s appropriate and safe for your pet. Also make sure they’re current on their heartworm medicine, as heartworm can be transmitted to pets via mosquitoes.

Yard Mosquito Control 

There are additional measures you can take to securing your yard from mosquitoes. Ransford will treat a yard with natural pesticides and insect growth regulators that inhibit populations of mosquitoes and ticks (which are predicted to be very bad this year). This is an especially effective way of controlling mosquitoes, and it’s a good option if you like to use your yard a lot during the summer.

Contact Ransford Pest today and ask us about these options and what’s appropriate for your home.

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