Getting Rid of Pavement Ants Before They Colonize

Pavement ants are well named. They’re typically found where other ants aren’t found – in cracks in the pavement, or between bricks and stones. They exploit these cracks, making their colonies in places that are difficult to access. This can make ordinary ant removal difficult.

Pavement ants are highly aggressive when it comes to other ants. They will attack another colony without pause.

Now, pavement ants are a danger to a home primarily because they’ll colonize where other ants wouldn’t. They’ll exacerbate foundational issues, nesting inside walls and underneath floors. And once they’re inside, they’ll get in everything.

Pavement ants love food and drinks and aren’t shy about making their way straight to them. They’ll forage openly and they love greasy foods. They will sting and bite. While these stings and bites aren’t dangerous, they can be a nuisance. getting rid of pavement ants ransford pest worcester

These ants are reddish-brown, but some varieties are darker still. There’s no difference between the brown pavement ants and black pavement ants. You’ll know they’re in your home if you find their workers foraging. You may also see small mounds of material they’ve dug out in order to make their nest.

The difficulty with getting rid of pavement ants isn’t so much that they disperse like carpenter ants, it’s that they can be difficult to find in the first place. They’re opportunists, which means exploiting cracks or separations that they can further carve out into a colony. This offers them a great deal of natural protection by making their colony inaccessible. They may also have multiple nests in a small area, such as your patio or home.

Furthermore, if you’ve got a pavement ant infestation, by June or July they’ll turn your home into their own personal Studio 54. At this point of the year, males and females with wings will swarm around in order to mate. Needless to say, this can pretty quickly ruin a pool party or a barbecue.

If you see pavement ants, ant control and ant removal are advised. Getting rid of pavement ants is a chore and requires some expertise in locating all of their nesting spots. When it comes to pavement ants in or near the home, it is best to consult Ransford Pest that can locate issues before they become a real problem.

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