Don’t Get Skunked Again

Are there worse odors than the smell of a skunk that has recently sprayed next to your home? How about a skunk setting up residence under your deck, porch, or in a shed? Skunks are well known to call these types of settings home. When the family pet tries to run them off, the dreaded almost always happens – the dog gets skunked. The spray will likely create real problems for you. skunked animal removal Worcester Ransford Pest

Capturing or running skunks off is a tricky business. You want to keep them from defensively spraying or causing damage to your home, but that can be tough. Here are a few things you can do that may help.

  • Skunks are nocturnal animals that will search for any kind of food including meat. Protect your home and property from skunks by putting all pet food and garbage out of reach. If you ensure you’re not offering them a food source, you’re more likely to keep them away from your home. Be sure that you put all pet or livestock feed and garbage in secure locations that pests like skunks cannot reach or dig into.
  • To keep skunks from living under your porch or deck put up barriers that won’t allow animals to get underneath your home. Cover crawl spaces and fill in any holes that allow skunks to get underneath a home or building.
  • Installing motion lights or motion detecting sprinklers are also a great way to keep the nocturnal skunk from staying long term. It upsets them, and may just keep them off your property.

If You Have a Skunk

If a skunk has adopted a place on your property, it is best to contact a professional service to have them removed. While traps can work, it is still dangerous to move the skunk in the trap as they will most likely spray anything that comes near them.

Ransford Pest has two successful options to remove skunks from your property. The first, exclusion, involves installing a one way door where the animal is residing. This allows the skunk to leave but they cannot get back in. The other option is a specially baited trap that is checked frequently so animals are not left to die inhumanely. For real help, contact Ransford Pest to remove that pesky skunk for good. Then you can safely let your dog out in the yard again without fear of them getting skunked.

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