Could You Be Sharing Your Home With Bed Bugs?

While nobody likes ants, mice, and cockroaches, they are all pests that we’ve been accustomed to seeing from time to time. However, the same cannot be said about bed bugs in your home’s sleeping areas. Finding bed bugs in home is one of the scariest experiences one can have.

They’re tough to spot, tough to get rid of and even tougher to stomach. Bed bugs are nocturnal — it is rare that you see them during the day. That means that most of their interactions with you happen while you’re asleep, and that’s something many people have a problem with.

 Are Bed Bugs In My Home? bed bugs in home ransford pest control

Most people that have bed bug problems find out from the bites on their body, which they did not recognize from the night before. That usually leads to further investigation of the bed and surrounding furniture. Aside from their annoying bites, the biggest problem with bed bugs is their ability to spread quickly. If left untreated, you could end up with a serious problem these pests.

 Bed Bug Removal

There are multiple bed bug treatment methods. The most common are the simple chemical treatment that is spread around your home. That process usually lasts a few hours — where no one can be at the home while the treatment is applied. Another method to get rid of bed bugs is with heat treatments. Instead of using chemicals, heat is used to kill them. Bed bugs cannot escape or survive from extreme heat.

Ransford Pest Control offers two highly effective ways to get rid of the bed bugs in home. If you think you have bed bugs, a technician will come to your home and inspect for them. If found, they will prepare a quote with the courses of action to ensure that the problem is taken care of quickly and efficiently. We also stand behind our work. To learn more about how we can help you fight your bed bug problem, contact us today.

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