Getting Rid of German Cockroaches Starts with Prevention

The German cockroach is one of the most common roaches around the world and can be found in homes, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and businesses.  The adults are light brown or tan in color and have two dark stripes that go from their head to the back.  Young roaches are black in color but have the same stripes.  Getting rid of German cockroaches can be quite difficult to deal with. They normally enter the home by hitching a ride on a person’s clothing, luggage, packages, or actually any item that you might bring into your house, as awful as that might be to imagine. getting rid of german cockroaches ransford pest control

To keep them from infesting your house, you will want to begin by keeping your house clean and sanitary.  Make certain you keep food sealed and in areas that they cannot get into.  Also keep your dishes clean with no food residue left on them, clean your sink strainer, keep dumpsters clean and sealed, remove indoor trash as soon as you can, and keep all surfaces, appliances, and the floor clean of any food residue.

To eliminate cockroaches once they are in the house, you can use gel baits, roach bait stations, dust baits, and insect growth regulators (IGR).  Normally, a homeowner can get good results with baits, but sometimes cockroaches become resistant to them; so it’s a good idea to rotate different kinds of baits.  If you have a bad infestation and want faster results, gels do work faster.  IGRs are a nice tool to use on cockroaches because they reduce their ability to reproduce.  All of these items should be placed near cracks and crevices where they might enter, rather than on exposed surfaces, since cockroaches don’t travel far from their nesting sites.  You can also place them behind or next to the stove, behind kitchen cabinets, under the sink, around pipes, under bathroom cabinets or fixtures, and in cracks or crevices around wood trim or shelves.

In the event that these prevention methods don’t work and cockroaches invade your home, give Ransford Pest Control a call and let us handle all of your German cockroach removal. We’ll help eliminate the problem now, and give you the tips you need so they won’t return.

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