Treating Your Home to Get Rid of Annoying Little Silverfish

Silverfish are normally attracted to cool and damp places, but they can survive in most environments and they can be annoying and destructive little pests.  One of the problems with silverfish is that it’s hard to know when you have an infestation until they actually do some damage; and since they’re nocturnal, they’re rarely seen.  To get rid of silverfish, you have to know what you’re looking for. They are bluish silver in color or white to a brownish gray.  They are 10 to 19 mm in length, are oval shaped, and have three long bristles on the rear of their bodies.

These insects will eat anything from high protein foods, such as meat and dead insects, to paper, clothing, draperies, and linens.  Because of their love for paper products and cloth, they can be very destructive when you have an infestation since they can damage your stored clothing, linens, and books before you even know you have an infestation.  To protect such items from silverfish damage, you should store these items in vacuum-sealed bags when you have them in storage.  It’s also a good idea to line drawers with plastic sheeting instead of paper and do not leave your old papers on the floor; doing that is merely inviting them to a picnic.

Attempting to get rid of silverfish calls for treating both the adults and also treating the areas they are nesting in.  Most do-it-yourself remedies that you purchase in stores often end up being ineffective since they usually end up killing some, but not all, silverfish, so they soon are back in full force.

Silverfish infestations require treatment by professionals who know how to eliminate this kind of pest.  If you have a silverfish infestation, you need to hire an expert like Ransford Pest Control to take care of silverfish removal. Residents of central Massachusetts don’t have to fight silverfish infestations on their own with us around!

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