Keep Spiders Out of Your House This Winter

How do you keep spiders out during the winter? Spiders are just a fact of life, aren’t they? Well, just like any other animal, when the option of a nice warm house is available, they’ll head inside to survive. That makes winter a prime season for indoor spider problems.

Why Winter?

You’d think fewer insects would mean fewer spiders, right? Where there are spiders in winter, there are often insects and arthropods are active. Yet spiders will still be able to find enough to feed on. Indoor pests are year-round. This can mean centipedes, silverfish, and even roaches.

Clothes moths have gotten particularly bad lately, and are always a ready food supply for spiders. You may also have flies in plugged drains or seldom-used pipes, or even ants hiding out the winter in your wood. Many infestations may be hard to see because they become relatively dormant during winter.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

The last thing you want to do is to ride out a long, cold winter with hundreds of your eight-legged friends. Many types of spiders can infest a home, and some multiply more quickly than others. Spiders are a fact of life, but a few in the wrong place can quickly turn into far too many spiders. That can cause a problem and become a severe nuisance.

What kind of a problem can it cause?

How you keep spiders out is by finding and eliminating a spider infestation on which they’re feeding, and by removing spiders and their webs themselves. Since there are so many types of spiders, tactics for locating them, cleaning them out, and controlling them vary according to the kind of spider pestering you. Infestations also need to be found for effective spider control, or else the spiders we clear out will just be making room for new tenants in the future.

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