Dealing With Rodents in Offices During Winter

Keeping animals out of the office can be harder than it seems, and rodents love to find their way into offices for a number of reasons. And even when they’re not finding a way in, it doesn’t exactly reflect on your business well when they’re making a mess and trash is strewn about the sidewalk and street. This gives customers a bad impression before they’ve even set foot in the door. Rodents in offices can be alleviated and controlled with the proper procedures.

Why Are Rodents in the Office? 

Offices offer several advantages to rodents without having some of the drawbacks of homes. For instance, offices are warm and sheltered places where animals can hide out from the harsh temperatures and storms of winter. Unlike a home, however, rodents can have their run of the place at night when no one’s there. These are natural times for animals to be out and about, and they won’t be scared off by an empty office.

Furthermore, food tends to be left pretty unprotected in offices. From donuts and cakes to candy drawers and bags of junk food, folks use a lot of delicious pick-me-ups to get through the workday. Those crumbs and morsels are appealing to wildlife, too. Rodents in offices enjoy a home and a grocery store all in one place.

How to Keep Rodents Out?

Rodents are attracted to particular environments, so the key is to change things about the environment first. Removing trash and debris in the office, while simultaneously eliminating hiding places outside of the office, makes the environment in and around your business less appealing to them.

The next step is to search for their entry points and eliminate their means of accessing your office. These two steps are the best ways to keep animals out, but what about the animals who’ve already grown accustomed to your hospitality? These we identify, catch, and clear. Depending on the nuisance and whether stations are inside or outside, we’ll use a variety of baits and traps to catch and remove rodents, helping you get back to business.

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Scott Fisher February 9, 2017

Thank you for all the info! I love reading an article by someone who truly knows what they are talking about.

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