Use Red Squirrel Exclusion to Protect Your Property During Winter

If you’ve ever encountered the American Red Squirrel, you know he’s not quite the same as his gray cousins. Their diets are specialized to the seeds of pine cones and they call North America their home, while expanding their reach to hardwood forests. Red Squirrels also exhibit territorial behavior and may find your home a nice, warm environment to hang out in during the winter months. Squirrel exclusion is an effective way in dealing with them.

What Makes Red Squirrels a Nuisance?

If you’ve got red squirrels nearby, it can start to feel like having a rooster that won’t stop crowing, or a smoke alarm you can’t turn off. Red squirrels are wonderful, beautiful creatures…but they never shut up. Even worse, they’ll happily tear up your roof in order to make homes that help them cope with winter. If they’ve claimed your home or property as their territory, you’ve got two choices: invest in ear plugs, or consider squirrel exclusion and removal.

What’s Involved With Squirrel Exclusion?

Squirrel exclusion is simple enough and involves barring their points of access: trimming overhanging branches, closing off holes in your roof, installing one-way doors to access points that might be more difficult to close. You can actually use flour to see if you have a squirrel incursion. Just sprinkle flour on the floor where you suspect squirrels might be entering. Come back later and see if any footprints have been made. For squirrel exclusion, there are a range of simple options. Sometimes red squirrels have to be removed.

For squirrel removal, our traps are humane. Red squirrels are typically more damaging than gray squirrels, so if you suspect they’re getting too close for comfort, don’t hesitate to call. Squirrel control is particularly important given how bad squirrels have gotten in this area. For squirrel removal, contact us immediately to prevent damage to your home.

Remember, repairing a roof in the winter can be both dangerous and costly. Squirrel removal now, can help you stave off a more costly problem down the road.


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