Where Do Bed Bugs Come from and How to Make Them Disappear!

Bed bugs. Perhaps no pest is more feared than these little red creatures. They come out at night, feed on sleeping people, and all but disappear during the day. Where do bed bugs come from? You can pick them up virtually anywhere. A hotel. The office. Used furniture. Chicago even recently had what may have been a bed bug infestation on one of their train lines. Imagine all the commuters picking up the little creatures and bringing them home.

They may seem innocuous, but if you’ve had to throw luggage away, dry clothes for hours at a time to the point where some are ruined, put the books you brought along in the freezer for the next year-plus, and you’ve spent the next few weeks waking up at every potential itch…well then, you know they’re a bit like the creature from the Alien movies. If they find a way back, they can breed, infest, and feed on you nightly to the point of becoming a major, life-changing problem.

You know that line from Aliens: “Nuke the entire site from orbit – it’s the only way to be sure.” If you end up with a bed bug infestation, you will completely understand the feeling.

Bed bug treatment can’t be handled with spot applications alone. Unless you’ve gotten very lucky, by the time you’ve located them, they’ve found their way into specific areas of your house. Spot treatments, unless very precisely and knowledgeably applied, can actually risk dispersing them into a wider area.

Here’s what we do. First, we inspect the entire house or apartment. We need to know where they are and how widespread they are before deciding upon a solution. A free estimate will be provided if bed bugs are found.

Now, bed bugs are notoriously shy. This is especially true during the day. Visual inspection will often find them because we know their favorite hiding spots. If they’re being especially evasive, we’ll use FMC Bedbug Verify traps.

Heat and steam spot treatment can be effective, but bed bugs are too efficient at hiding for these to always work. To be blunt, chemical treatments are the best. If we’re treating for bed bugs, you will have to leave your home for 4 hours when we first treat and when we treat again in 30 days. We prefer using chemical methods, removing outlet covers, and installing dust into the wall voids.

Above all, if you see signs of an infestation, don’t wait. The difficulty of getting rid of bed bugs multiplies exponentially the longer they have to multiply and find better and better hiding spaces.

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