Keep Wildlife Out of Your Worcester Home This Winter

Wildlife will soon start to hunker down for winter. If this year’s Farmer’s Almanac prediction is an accurate indicator (and it’s been in the right ballpark the last few years), this winter will have particularly cold and snowy stretches. That means a lot of wildlife looking for warmth and that means a lot of wildlife in areas of Worcester looking to take up residence as your newest housemate. You will want to look for the best ways to keep wildlife out this winter. wildlife control worcester ransford pest control

Wildlife control in Worcester at this time of year can get intense. You’ve got mice moving in by the truckload and gnawing routes through the walls straight to your pantry and food cabinets. Animals like raccoons will look for warm, protected places to hibernate, and they will look for easier and easier food sources to build some extra fat for the long winter. That means it’s trash-raiding season. Skunks don’t hibernate, though they do like to sleep longer during the winter and they’ll want to do this close to food sources. Don’t let any areas under your home become their new digs because once they have settled in, they won’t want to move mid-winter. If it becomes especially cold, opossums will start to come out and forage during the day instead of at night.

There are two things animals are looking for during the lead-up to winter: a protected den or nest, and access to food. That means focusing on populated areas where they can raid trash and dumpsters.

We’ll help you with wildlife control supplies and if you need nuisance wildlife control in Worcester, we humanely trap and remove all of these creatures. Don’t attempt trapping wildlife on your own. Opossums and raccoons will physically defend themselves and can be stronger and more dangerous than you anticipate. You know how skunks protect themselves, of course, and a humane trap is a much easier and less smelly way to achieve this kind of wildlife control in Worcester. We’re happy to help you with your removal needs and we’ll even help you make sure your home, garage, or shed is better protected and less appealing to keep wildlife out.

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