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Ransford Environmental Solutions specializes in managing and removing pests from homes and businesses all across Massachusetts. Headquartered in Worcester and with a satellite office in Framingham, one of the elements of our business, that makes us most proud, is our commitment to being one of the state’s ecologically conscious green pest control companies. What this means is that we practice environmentally friendly approaches to pest management.

Green Pest Control Services

This isn’t a difficult approach to pest control, but it does take commitment. In some cases, green approaches can actually be more effective in removing pests and keeping them away. Green approaches are often safer for your family and your pets. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 90-percent of U.S. citizens have a mixture of at least 43 pesticides in our bodies. It makes no sense to add to that number.

Chemical pesticides are too often treated as a first response when dealing with pests. This is dangerous and puts unnecessary risk on children. Yes, chemical pesticides can be effective in specific situations, but they are not a cure-all for addressing pest control needs. Like cough syrup for the flu, they may alleviate a symptom but they don’t always address the cause. Instead, what’s needed is what we call Integrated Pest Management.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management takes an approach designed not just to remove pests, but to change the environment that attracted the pests in the first place. After all, if we remove pests and they just return the next year because the conditions that attracted them in the first place haven’t changed, has anything actually been solved? Not really; the problem’s just been put off. It’s our goal to remove the problem entirely so that it doesn’t come back. green pest control companies ransford pest control

There are a few steps to this. We have to assess what the pest issue is. Obviously, if it’s something like nuisance wildlife (a raccoon, opossum, skunk, etc.) we’ll trap it humanely and remove it. Yet if it’s termites, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, these are more insidious pests. In these cases, we need to balance health and environmental risks as a green pest control company and determine a plan that’s both safe for you and your family and efficient in removing the pest. We may still use pesticides, but it’s not our go-to option. What we do use is targeted very specifically and in a way that won’t spread to the rest of your property or house.

Some approaches may see us introduce a predator insect to eradicate a garden pest, or use tactics that interfere with a pest population’s reproduction rates. Sealing off small, out-of-the-way access points to your house is just as important as removing the mice that used those access points to enter your house in the first place.

These are the philosophies green pest control companies like Ransford bases its work around. We remove your pests, but not at the risk of your family’s health. There are better ways to safeguard you against both pests and pesticides.

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