Bird Control Spikes – Move Along Feathered Friend!

Bird control might be a foreign concept to some. Bird control wasn’t designed to deter the beautiful birds you see out in nature from congregating in the trees around your home. Instead, it has a very specific purpose. See, in areas where pigeons or other nuisance birds group together, bird droppings can become a big problem. One bird dropping here or there won’t ruin a home, but if a flock of pigeons decides that a particular home or business is their new hangout spot, the acidity of daily droppings can quickly ruin a building’s exterior and even corrode metal. Before that happens, you need pigeon control methods and bird control spikes just might help.

Bird droppings also contain disease and can spread infection. You don’t want your children or your pets coming into regular contact with them. Buildup can also lead to accidents, while feathers and their nesting materials can clog gutters. bird control spikes ransfordpestcontrol

Pest control for birds is designed as a deterrent. Birds aren’t like some animals. You can take nuisance wildlife and move it away several miles, into a forest or state park where release areas are decided upon by state agencies. You can’t do the same with a bird. A few miles’ flight isn’t going to keep them from going back to their favorite spots.

Instead, the solution for how to get rid of pigeons lies in deterrents. They can’t be moved away, so we deter them from landing in specific spots. Bird control spikes are humane. Birds can see them and choose not to land on your roof. They’re easy to install and can be removed without leaving marks. They don’t leave room for birds to nest and are made from weather-resistant materials. They’re difficult to see from street-level and so don’t make your house look much different, but they’re easy for birds to spot and avoid. It’s an elegant solution for a difficult problem. They can be used on flat or curved surfaces, on low-angle or steep roofs.

For pigeon control in Framingham, contact Ransford. We’ll take a look at your problem, sit down with you, and figure out the best solution to get rid of your bird problem in a safe, humane, and effective manner.

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