Best Way to Get Rid of Mice in Framingham

Nobody wants to believe they have mice in their home. They can be a real pain, especially as winter approaches and they start looking for someplace warm to nest. The best way to get rid of mice is to know what to look for in your home.

Have you found suspicious holes in the bottom of bags that food comes in? Whether it’s a bag of cookies or a bag of dog food, inexplicable holes suggest something’s been gnawing its way in, to get at whatever’s inside. Mice will eat right there, so if you find bits of food debris in these areas as well, that almost certainly points to a mouse.

Similarly, torn insulation or other debris in soft spaces may suggest mice. This will indicate where they’ve made their nest or an entrance to their nest. Keep an eye out, but also an ear. When it’s quiet at night, you may hear soft scratching or very gentle footfalls in the walls or ceiling. get rid of mice Framingham MA Ransford Pest Control

The final telltale sign can be summed up in a word: poop. Mice will go wherever they are, so if you find very small, dark pellets that you can’t identify, there’s a good chance it is mice feces. They’ll typically go where they spend the most time of their time, near food sources or near their nests. Unfortunately, when they go near food sources, this often means in your cabinets or food prep areas.

Mice are an especially big problem around Framingham, and if you’ve got any of these signs, the best way to get rid of mice is to consult a professional mouse control company in Framingham. Getting rid of mouse can be pretty easy. Getting rid of mice and an entire nest for instance, that’s difficult. You don’t want to get rid of one or a few and miss the rest. As a rodent control company in Framingham, we’ll be able to serve you by getting rid of mice and helping you to keep them away. If you have any concerns about mice, call us, we can help.

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