Worried About Mice? Block Them Now

If only all mice could be as sweet and cuddly as those beloved characters on TV. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and if you see one mouse or even small mouse droppings there are most likely many mice living with you and sharing your food.

A Fast Spiral

House mice have very short gestational periods and mature within six weeks. Once mice have chosen the warmth and comfort of your happy abode an infestation can escalate and get out of control quickly. They invade approximately 21 million homes each year, and even an infestation that starts with a single pregnant mouse could spell trouble for your home.

An infestation can occur within the walls of your home, the attic, or stored boxes. Generally, in the event of a mouse infestation you can hear clawing sounds within the walls or from up above in the attic. Mice eventually emerge searching for food. While in your home, they may chew on wood and power cords, and that could create a fire in your home or damage your home’s structural integrity. house mice Ransford Pest Worcester Ma

Not sure if you have them in your home? Tell-tale signs of these small rodent visitors are tiny footprints, paper or cardboard that has been chewed through, or food that has been gnawed on even through boxes and wrappers. Droppings in various places are also a pretty good sign that you have a problem.

Stop the Problem

There are tried and true ways to keep these little rodents from entering your home and help to get rid of them if they have snuck their way in.

House mice can be blocked by checking all doors and openings for small cracks and holes. Seal any and all openings including pipes and dryer vents. Check doors and windows for gaps and uneven fitting. Mice can also enter the home through sewer or water pipelines. Where there is a will, there is a way for these tiny guys to come inside. These little contortionists can easily slip through openings much smaller than their body size.

Besides blocking them, you’ll also want to be sure to store food in airtight or metal containers and it is highly recommended to keep dishes and countertops cleaned. Garbage or food left out is an invitation for house mice to join the household for a long term stay. It is important to take all precautions as mice can be carriers of disease and cause damage to belongings.

Even with the best of intentions and proper precautions, there can still be mice that manage to get in a house. There are many solutions for getting rid of these uninvited nocturnal guests. While some rely on the older less humane standbys of poison or snap traps, many would prefer the safe and environmental removal of this particular pest problem such as a live catch trap.

In the case of a severe infestation of house mice, it is best to seek the help of professional extermination. Our professional technicians at Ransford can work with you to get rid of your mouse infestation and figure out the best ways to seal small openings to keep that mouse out of your house for good.

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